Maud Diver

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Other Works by Katherine Helen Maud Diver (1867-1945)

  • Lilamani, a study of possibilities. London: Hutchinson, 1910.
  • The hero of Herat: a frontier biography in romantic form. London: Constable, 1912.
  • The judgment of the sword: a tale of the Kabul tragedy and of the part played therein by Major E. Pottinger. London: Constable, 1913.
  • Sunia and other stories. Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1913.
  • Desmond’s daughter. Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1916.
  • Strange roads. London: Constable, 1918.
  • Lonely furrow. London: Grosset and Dunlap, 1923.
  • Siege perilous and other stories. London: John Murray, 1924.
  • A wild bird. London: John Murray, 1929.
  • Ships of youth. Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1931.
  • The singer passes: an Indian tapestry. Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1934.
  • The dream prevails. London: John Murray, 1938.